Birthday coming up!

Jul/30 By

My Daughters birthday is coming up!  I’ve been doing some practice.  She wants a castle cake instead.  Being my first attempt at a doll cake, I didn’t do too badly,

Practice Makes Perfect.

Jul/7 By

I have been interested in the art of cake decorating.  I took a short online course “Learning the Lambeth Method” on the Craftsy website.  From this, I learned some basic

Happy Birthday…to me!

May/28 By

I made myself a birthday cake this year.  Just to play around. Looks more like a wedding cake!  I love it.  Kids will too, very soon!

Graduation Cookies are here!

May/21 By

So many young folks (And some a little more mature) Are Graduating soon!  Bring on the parties and the COOKIES!

New Photos and Tutorials!

Apr/25 By

New Video Tutorial! Easter Eggs

Apr/15 By

Check out my Tutorial Page to view this YouTube tutorial of a couple simple marble Easter eggs.

Easter cookies!

Apr/14 By

I made a bunch of easter egg cookies this year. Here are a few.

Cute little houses

Apr/14 By

Porsche Emblems and Silhouettes

Mar/23 By

These Cookies I made for My Hubbys *Favorite* Aunt 🙂

My Poor Son.

Mar/16 By

My sweet one year old had a great fall and cracked his head.  The doctors and nurses at the ER and Pediatrics were so wonderful!!  I made them cookies as

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