Hi, I’m Tracie Smith A.K. A Aunt T.  Owner, Baker, and Decorator of Auntie’s Cakery.

I bake and decorate from my home kitchen under a Cottage Food Licence.  Decorating cakes and cookies is a great joy to me and those I serve. Here’s how I got started:

When I was in elementary school, I had a ‘school days’ book that my mother filled out and kept up to date. I had lost this book for many years and came across it again after graduating with a Bachelors degree in Art; pottery emphasis. As I turned the pages, I noticed a question at the end of each grade’s page: “What do you want to be when you grow up.” With the exception of one entry (being ‘a teacher’), every year was written the word, “ARTIST”.  I couldn’t believe I had actually become what I had dreamed of becoming as a little child!!!  How often does that really happen??

Pottery was my passion.  As often as I could, I would go to the local college and throw pottery on the potters wheel. After moving away from a pottery studio, I created pastel paintings, in our little apartment, as my artistic outlet. A few years later, I had my own pottery studio set up in the garage.  At this point, I applied for a business license to sell my paintings and pottery. I named my business:    Tracie’s Paints-N-Pots

I was able to keep up pottery until my 3rd child was born, at this point, I could not find the time to go out into the pottery studio! (Imagine that!). I was bummed.  By that time, however, my interest in cookie decorating had begun.

As I was browsing Pinterest pictures, I came across a BEAUTIFUL cookie decorated by Sweetambs. I thought “I can do that” ! And sooooo, my studying and baking began.  Thanks to the many many YouTube tutorials I watched, and a lot of practice, I was baking up cookies and decorating them for all occasions!  A new passion had begun.

Every year (with the exception of two very busy years) I baked my children a cake for their birthdays. I always looked forward to baking and decorating cakes for them and enjoyed the process.  Finally, I took my first official cake decorating class.  (I had already learned and practiced most of these basic skills, so the class was mostly a review.

Soo many friends and family said I should open a cake and cookie shop.  I thought cakes during the day, I dreamed cakes at night, I woke and sketched designs in the wee hours of the morning…and when I had free time, I baked and decorated cakes and cookies. I LOVE IT!!

Decorating cakes is SO much like the 3D art I enjoyed my whole adult life!  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life as I raise the children…sooo, I took my family’s advice and applied for a DBA:

I am now operating from my home kitchen under the Utah Cottage Food License.

Decorating cakes and cookies has been a great joy. I especially love the look of the customers faces when the take a peak at their order.


I hope that I can bring to you as much joy as I receive in making these EDIBLE ART MASTERPIECES!

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