Edible Colors and Dusts

Auntie’s Favorite Luster (pearl, shiny, sparkly….) Dusts:

Wilton Gold

Wilton Silver

Wilton Bronze

Wilton Pink

Wilton Green







Wilton Lilac Purple

Wilton Black

Wilton Luster Dust Set







Just Color-Like the Rainbow!


Wilton Pink

Wilton Red

Wilton Orange

Wilton Yellow







Wilton Lime Green

Wilton  Leaf Green

Wilton periwinkle







Wilton Violet

Wilton White


Color Mists-These are great if you don’t have an airbrush

(Or if you do, and you need a quick mist.)






These are GREAT if you DO have an airbrush:

Beginner Color Set

Pearl      Sheen     



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