Auntie’s Favorite Caking Supplies

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I threw Pottery for 15 years before I switched to cake decorating. (I still love 3D art!)  One day, it dawned on me that icing a cake would be SO much easier if I had both hands available… Why not use a pottery wheel? It turns on it’s own.  So, I purchased a brand new pottery wheel that is easy enough to carry, and can sit on my kitchen table.  Filling, crumb coating, and icing cakes has been easier using this wheel. The $$ it cost to buy it will quickly be returned in the time saved. I’d say, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE cake decorating tool! Click Here to view other supplies I use.

This tilt-n-turn ultra turntable fits my style.  I mean, I LOVE string work in all its forms. I find that the tilt helps immensely when I am piping Australian string work, oriental string work,  and delicate swags (Like the product picture).  If I didn’t have it, I’d buy it again. Click Here to view other supplies I use.

Without this mixer, baking would not be so simple. I use this to make my homemade marshmallow fondant. Click Here to view other supplies I use.

See my tutorial video here:

This is an Aceto size 00 piping tip. It’s small, well, tiny actually, but a BIG fav of mine when it comes to delicate icing designs.  Click Here to view other supplies I use.

Occasionally, I use an airbrush to add a bit of color to a cake or cookie. This is my airbrush of choice: Cake Boss Airbrush.  Along with this, I use these airbrush colors:


Airbrush color set









I have tried a few different meringue powders, and my favorite (by FAR) is the Sunny Side Up Bakery Meringue powder.  I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby Keyword: MERINGUE (Don’t forget to use that 40% off Coupon!!!):

Come back later, as I am still updating this page!

AND, Click here to see other supplies I use 🙂

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