Tools and Accessories

Cake Boards

These are a necessary item to any and all cake decorating. One board goes under each cake, making them easier to transport. Drums are great for displaying your cake.

         6″                   8″                   10″                12″             Set      12″  Drums



Icing Supply

Also a “must” for cake decorating. I’ve included other items in this category, such as the cake lifter and other basic supplies.

   13″ Angled    9″ Angled       11″ Straight     9″ Straight     Set-Plastic       

          Lifter           Scrapers

 Natizo Icing tip set                Wilton Starter tip set               Russian Tip set                   Size 00               

       Quick Icer

Disposable Icing Bags       Reusable Icing Bags





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