Supermarket Birthday Cake?

Posted by on 08/06/2016

Since my kids were born, I have made their cake myself—or have I? Nope. There have been occasions, but sometimes I didn’t take the time to make a cake, instead, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to the supermarket I go!! Did the kids enjoy that shorting coated sugar stack? Absolutely they did! (Myself and the other adults, not so much.) Have they remembered their supermarket cake? Nope. Neither do I. So, why did I choose to rush off to the market to buy one? Because…..What is a birthday without a CAKE? The picture perfect birthday: The birthday boy or girl (of all ages, mind you) sit in front of their cake, with their candles lit, and a song sung (mostly off tune-but fun regardless), just for them! Cake is such a LARGE part of any birthday celebration. So, even though I didn’t have time to make a special cake, at least they got one! Which brings me to the cakes themselves. As I mentioned before, the supermarket cake was quickly forgotten, but remember the time when ‘Mom made that pink princess castle cake? With a princess on top? I ate the head first!!’ Who says a cake can’t be memorable? So, when you have a birthday celebration coming up, plan in advance to make it an extra special, memorable cake that your kids and loved ones will remember, rather than settling for a ‘cake wannabe’ from the supermarket.

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